Full Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

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potato chips making plant
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Potato Chips Production Line 
Our potato chip production line uses fresh potatoes as raw materials. It can produce crispy and high-quality potato chips. We use the latest and most advanced technology to design these potato chip machines. The processing flow of potato chip making machine:
Potatoes→cleaning and peeling
potato chips production line
Main Machine Of The Potato Chips Production Line :
1. Washing and peeling machine: Brush type washing and peeling machine can wash and peel potatoes.
2. Slection machine: get rid of rotten potatoes.
3. Cutting machine: cut into slice, the cutting size is adjustable.
4. Washing machine: remove starch from potato chips.
5. Blanching machine: Rinse the cut potato slices and protect the color
6. De-water and air-cooling machine: air-dried potato chips,remove water from potato chips.
7. Fryer: Frying potato chips.
8. De-oil Machine machine: remove the oil on potato chips.
9. Seasoning machine: Add spices to potatoes.
10.Packing Machine:we also can offer the packing machine to pack potato chips in bags .

Technical Data
Item Name Power(kw) Voltage Dimension(mm)
Elevator 0.75 380v/50HZ 2000*800*2000
Washing and Peeling Machine 4.75 380v/50HZ 2600*900*1500
Sorting Conveyor Line 0.75 380v/50HZ 3000*900*900
Potato Chips Cutter Machine 1.5 380v/50HZ 950*800*950
Rinsing Machine 5.5 380v/50HZ 4000*1600*900
Blanching Machine 125 380v/50HZ 4000*1600*950
Air Dewatering Machine 7.1 380v/50HZ 4000x1200x1400
Sorting Conveyor Line 0.75 380v/50HZ 3000*800*950
Elevator 0.75 380v/50HZ 2500*800*1300
Frying Machine 123 380v/50HZ 4500x1200x2600
Vibrating Type Oil Removing Machine 1.5 380v/50HZ 1500x1000x1300
Air Drying Machine 7.1 380v/50HZ 4000x1200x1600
Elevator 0.75 380v/50HZ 2400x800x2200
Flavoring Machine 0.75 380v/50HZ 2600*1000*1600

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