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snack food flavoring machine
fried food seasoning machine
chips flavoring machine
Fried food flavoring machine also named snack food flavoring machine,puffed food seasoning machine,it  can flavor or mix material for the fried food,puffed food , non-fried snack food ,and other nut foods.This machine is made of the 304 stainless steel.Here , we share two type flavoring machine: octagonal type flavoring machine and drum type seasoning machine
snack food flavoring machine
Application Of The Fried Food Flavoring Machine 
Fried Food:french fries,potato chips,cassava chips,fried beans,fried chicken nuggets,shrimp,banan chips,spring roll, oring rings,etc.
Puffed Pood:like puffed rice,popcorn,puffed shrimp strip,puffed snacks ,rice krispies,etc. 
 snack food flavoring machine
Featural Of The snack Food Seasoning Machine 

1. The octagonal design avoids the disadvantage of not turning the raw materials of the round seasoning barrel;
2. Smooth rotation and low noise;
3. Stainless steel material guarantee longer service life and lower noise
4.Adjustable spray condiment speed so as to save your production cost to the maximum degree, In a short time, the food materials to be processed and the required 
5.Sanitary,uniform and delicious are the best marketing advantage for our products
6.High flavoring capacity and high productivity and stable performance,easy to operation and maintenance
7.The diameter and length of the drum can be customized according to your demands.
Video about the fried food flavoring machine :

Technical Data
Drum Type Snack Food Flavoring Machine 
Model power Output Size
GG-2S 0.75kw 200-250kg/h 1500*650*1500mm
GG-3S 1.5kw 400-600kg/h 2000*800*1700mm
Octagonal Type Puffed Food Flavoring Machine
Model Dimension Power Voltage Capacity Weight
GGWB800 1300*900*1315mm 1.1KW 220 /380V  50Hz  15-20kg/time 120kg

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