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Application Of The Root Vegetable Washing Machine

rqi Nov 18 2020 By Maria Follow Us:
Root vegetable washing machine also named the vegetable washing machine,fruit vegetable washing machine,bubble type washing machine,etc.This root vegetable washing machine can be used for radish,beetroot,carrort,yam,cassava,potato,yuca, kohlrabi, onions, garlic, celery root (or celeriac), horseradish, daikon, turmeric, jicama, Jerusalem artichokes,etc.

root vegetable washing machine

What is the feature of this root vegetable washing machine?
1.Save Labor.This root vegetable washing machine is a full automatic machine,one person can operation,and with different capacity can meet your needs.
2.Multi-Function Use. This vegetable washing machine adopt the bubble type washing ,can be used in all fruit and vegetable ,and the seafood, so you can use this machine to wash anything.If you need , we also can  add the ozone function.
High efficiency:Conveyor belt motor, can achieve the function of adjusting the variablespeed, the vegetables are washed through the chain transport, automatic discharge,according to the production needs to adjust the conveyor belt transport degree, highefficiency.
4.Good finished product effect:Water flow, bubble floating, protect materials from damage,simulate the basic action of artificial cleaning and effectively avoid the phenomenon ofbumps, scratches and so on in the process of artificial cleaning.
5.Exquisite workmanship, safe and reliable:Safe and reliable: the use of food grade 304stainless steel made of the introduction of lean processing equipment, exquisite,technology, durable.
The Video of the root vegetable washing machine: