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Swedish Customer Feedback On 2.5M Vegetable Washing Machine

rqi Aug 24 2020 By Maria Follow Us:
Stainless steel vegetable washing machine can be customized,we have the different capacity can meet your different requirement.This industrial vegetable washing machine also named bubble type vegetable washing machine,ozone vegetable washing machine,can be used for all fruit and vegetables.
vegetable washing machine
Why choose our vegetable washing machine ?
1.This machine is a multi-function machine,can be used for fruit ,vegetables and seafood,and other food.
2.Saving water:Water circulation filtration syster, both water-saving and environmentallyfriendly, can save 80% of the clean water.
3.High efficiency:Conveyor belt motor, can achieve the function of adjusting the variablespeed, the vegetables are washed through the chain transport, automatic discharge,according to the production needs to adjust the conveyor belt transport degree, highefficiency.
4.Convenient cleaning:All pipe connections use fast-track devices for easy removal and cleaning, with a certain gap between the conveyor assembly and the sink, and easy latersink cleaning.
industrial vegetable washing machine

This Video is a good comment from a swedish customer 2.5M vegetable washing machine:

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