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Customer Feedback On Our Dates Washing Machine

rqi Aug 24 2020 By Maria Follow Us:
Positive customer feedback on our dates washing machine.  
Gelgoog is inspired to provide more customers with our quality veggie and fruit washing machine. Stainless steel palm date washing processing machine
date washing machine
Palm date washing machine  has been widely used in food processing industry, which helps to solve cleaning problems Vegetables, fruits, seafood, etc. It can help you save time and manpower at the same time.
The working principle of the bubble-type Palm date washing machine :
1. After putting vegetables or fruits into the water tank, fully disperse, roll, clean and transfer them under high pressure water and strong flow.
2. The mud falling from the surface of the vegetables will enter the bottom of the sink. It will not reflow possible create pollution.
3. Small weeds, bugs or other debris in the water will be collected by the separation net.
4. The cleaned vegetables and fruits will be sent out after being cleaned by mesh belt and spray.
palm date washer