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Application Of Industrial Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine

rqi Aug 24 2020 By Maria Follow Us:
Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine is made of high quality 304 stainless steel.Can be used for all fruit and vegetables.The conveying is stable, the speed is adjustable, and the material moves along with the conveyor belt to avoid damage to the conveyed material.This fruit washing machine can wash fruit and vegetable by bubble tumbling, surfing and spraying ,high efficienty,no damage for the fruit and vegetables.
fruit washing machine
Application of fruit vegetable washing machine 
As you can see from the picture, this fruit vegetable washing machine can be used for the food factory,vegetebal factory,seafood factory,central factory,frozen vegetable factory and restauranbt chain,etc.But how to work ?Next , This  video will show the 
more introduce about this fruit vegetable washing machine