100-150Kg/h Moringa Leaf Powder Making Machine Line

moringa leaf powder making machine line
Moringa leaf powder is popular in our life ,and start the moringa leaf powder business can make you get the good benefit,but how to start the moringa leaves powder business?Here ,we will supply the full automatic moringa leaf powder making machine line solution 
Fistrtly ,Let me have a brief introduce about the moringa leaf powder making machine line :
Washing ---water removing machine --air drying cooling machine-picking line--drying--powder grinding--packing
moringa leaves powder grinding machine line
1.moringa leaf washing machine :The rack using high-quality SUS304 stainless steel production, in line with the national food industry use standards, and that machine use of bubble tumbling, scrubbing, spray technology, to maximize the cleaning of the object.
2.Dewatering Machine:after washing ,remove the water from moringa leaves 
3.Air drying cooling machine :This machine uses a flip conveyor belt, so that the material double-sided moisture is evenly blown off, can be used for a variety of fruits and vegetables after cleaning air-drying
4.Drying oven machine :Moringa leaf drying machine with high hot efficiency, dried vegetables processing machine and the energy can be saved.And the role of the use of forced ventilation,adjustable sub-box with the wind plates, the dry materials evenly. 
5.Powder grinding machine:This moringa leaves powder grinding machine is widely used in Food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.There are different models for different requirement. And it has mesh screen inside of the grinding chamber, you can get the powder size by changing the screen size.
6.Packing machine:we have the different type powder packing machine can help you pack moringa powder in bags or bottles.And Worth to talk about,all of our machine can be customized according your needs.
If you have interested in our machine , you can leave your message ,then we will arrangment our sales manager contact you and give you more machine details,or you can contact me by email:maria@machinehall.com,whatsapp number:008618537181327

Final Product
moringa leaf powder machine
Application Scenario
Technical Data
Capacity  100-150kg/h moringa leaf 
Machine Name Parameter Parameter
1.Washing Machine(XQ3000A) Power:3.7kw Width of the belt:600mm
Dimension:3,100x1450x1500mm Weight:500kg
2.Dewatering Machine(ZT1800B) Reference size:1800*1230*1020MM Weight: 200kg
Power: 0.25*2KW Aperture: customized
  Material: 304
3.Air Drying Cooling Machine(FG3000A) Dimension:3000*1200*1600mm Weight:400kg
4. Drying Oven Machine((HX4-8)   Drying cart:8 Size:4930×2260×2260mm
Trays:192 pieces Weight:2000kg
Heating power:60kw Capacity:286kg per time
  Circulating fan: 4 pieces
5,Moringa Leaves Powder Grinding Machine (S30B) Power:5.5kw Weight:250kg
Voltage:380V/50HZ/Three phase Fineness:20-120mesh
6.Powder Filling Machine(F01BX) Power:1.5kw Filling accuracy:1%
Voltage:220V/50HZ/Single phase (different materials vary)
Weighing range :1-5000g Filling speed:30-45 bags / min
  Machine size:

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