Fruit Washing Drying And Grading Machine Line

Fruit Washing Drying And Grading Machine Line  is a production line for processing and preparing fruits. This grading line usually includes the following main steps:
fruit washing drying machine
  • Washing: In this step, the fruit is soaked in clean water to remove surface dirt, pesticide residues, bacteria, etc. It is usually cleaned by spraying water or soaking in water.
  • Grading: After washing, the fruit is graded according to characteristics such as size, quality and appearance. This process can be done manually or using automated equipment such as conveyor belts and sensors.
  • Air-drying: The graded fruit needs to be air-dried to remove excess water. Often air-drying equipment or ventilation chambers are used to move air over the fruit to speed up the evaporation process.
  • Packaging: The dried fruit can be packaged and labeled. Packaging can be selected according to needs, such as carton, polybag or box etc.
These steps can be adjusted and changed according to the specific production line and fruit type. At the same time, food safety and hygienic requirements are also very important, so the cleaning and air-drying grading line usually follows the corresponding hygienic standards and regulations to ensure the quality and safety of fruits.
Technical Data
Fruit Washing Drying And Sorting Line 
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Air Cooling Drying Machine
fruit grading machine 

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