1Tons/H Orange Fruit Washing Waxing Sorting Production Line

fruit washing waxing machine
orange washing waxing machine
fruit washing sorting line
fruit washing waxing sorting machine line
1Tons/H Orange Fruit Washing Waxing Sorting Production line refers to the products that keep fresh fruits in a fresh state after a series of treatments such as grading, sorting, selection, cleaning, waxing, preservation and packaging. The fully automatic fruit processing equipment has high production efficiency, clean and hygienic fruit, and the material is turned over in the soda-water mixture, which effectively avoids the phenomenon of damage to the material such as bumps, scratches, etc. 
fruit washing waxing sorting machine line
Applicable of the orange fruit washing waxing sorting machine line :
The orange fruit washing waxing sorting machine line is suitable for: apples, pears, oranges, grapefruit, papaya and other fruit materials, and can be adjusted according to the production volume and materials, and the follow-up fresh-keeping packaging production line solutions can be customized.
fruit washing waxing machine line
1. Grading selection equipment:Fruit grading can be graded according to size, automatic grading, high production efficiency, and the number of grading can be customized according to needs
2. Washing equipment:Fruit washing equipment generally uses a bubble cleaning machine, which can be double-cleaned with bubbles and sprays, which is clean and has high cleanliness.
3. Drying equipment:The dehydration of the fruit after cleaning can be done by using an air dryer to remove the water to dry the surface of the fruit, which is convenient for subsequent process operations.
4.Waxing equipment :Waxing protects the fruit itself, locks the freshness, and facilitates later storage and transportation.
Feature Of The Apple Orange Fruit Washing Waxing Sorting Production Line :
1. Stainless steel material
Made of 304 stainless steel, easy to clean, clean and hygienic, not easy to rust.
2. High efficiency
The equipment used in the production line can be continuously produced, and has large capacity, high work efficiency, and significantly improved output.
Technical Data
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