Commercial Ginger Washing Cutting Processing Machine Line

ginger washing cutting machine line
vegetable washing cutting machine
ginger washing peeling machine
ginger processing machine
Ginger washing cutting line is widely used for washing, peeling and cutting of round and oval fruits and vegetables such as ginger, carrot, sweet potato, potato, cassava and other root potato vegetables. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance and convenient operation, large cleaning and cutting output, high efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning, simple operation and long service life.
ginger washing cutting machine line
The brush type ginger washing machine is designed and manufactured according to the development needs of the vegetable and fruit food processing industry. During operation, the brush roller is used for scrubbing and equipped with high-pressure spraying, which can effectively remove stains, dust and pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables.
Application fields: Suitable for surface cleaning of various fruits (apples, pears, citrus, peaches, plums, etc.) and vegetables (carrots, potatoes, onions, ginger, sweet potatoes, etc.).
ginger washing machine
Ginger slicer:The fruit and vegetable slicer is easy to operate, high in output, and the cut slices are uniform and smooth in thickness, and the thickness can be adjusted at will without breaking. It can cut ginger slices, garlic slices, potato slices, taro slices, yam slices, cassava slices and other vegetables. It is the most advanced multi-functional slice processing equipment at present.
ginger chips cutter machine
Features of the ginger washing cutting machine line:
1. All made of stainless steel, in line with national food hygiene standards;
2. The structure design of the whole machine is reasonable, simple and practical, easy to install and maintain;
3. Equipped with spray cleaning pipeline and manual fruit removal device, easy to operate;
4. Using high-quality, high-toughness brush, durable;
5. The unique design of the brush roller adopts a wave shape, so that the fruit can be fully cleaned in all directions and 360° when moving forward, and the dirt on the surface of the fruit can be removed more effectively;
Technical Data
Machine Name  Machine Size(mm) Capacity(KG/H Weight(KG)
Brush Washing Peeling Machine 1800*850*800 600 260
Ginger Cutter  650x490x850 500 80

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