New Type Three-Color Tomato Washing Machine Line

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The three-color tomato washing machine line is a device that can wash tomatoes of different colors at the same time. Can be used to wash red, yellow and green tomatoes, or to wash fruits of different colors and sizes at the same time.
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Three-color tomato washing line usually consists of the following parts:
1.Conveyor system: The conveyor belt or piping system used to transport the tri-color tomatoes from the supply chain to the washing machine.
2.fruit Washing machine: This is the main area for washing the tri-color tomatoes. The dirt and impurities on the surface of the tomatoes are washed by the spray device.
3.Air drying: After washing, the tomatoes need to be dried to reduce the moisture content and make them suitable for packaging or processing.
If you have other processing requirements, such as washing and grading, cleaning and waxing, washing and cutting, washing and packaging, we can customize the equipment according to your needs
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The design and function of the three-color tomato washing machine line can vary according to production needs. It can better improve production efficiency and ensure the hygiene and quality of fruit and vegetable processing.
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