High Pressure Green Onion Scallion Cleaning Machine

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green onion washing machine
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The High Pressure Green Onion Scallion Cleaning Machine uses high pressure cleaning. The high-pressure water pump circulates the water in the water tank to the spray pipe, and sprays water from the nozzles on the spray pipe, forming a high-pressure and high-temperature water stream to flush the turnover box and flush the dirt from the surface.
green onion washing machine
Application range of the High Pressure Green Onion Scallion Cleaning Machine:
1.Used for washing fresh chives,yam,ginger,leeks etc.
2.Special surfing and bubbling design to ensure thorough cleaning and reduce damage to fruits.
3.The washing efficiency is high due to the inverted state with bubble effect
4.Use ozone disinfection device to remove pesticide residues (optional)
5.After the high-pressure nozzle is flushed again at the outlet, more cleaning is needed

High Pressure Green Onion Scallion Cleaning Machine have a wide range of applications. It is mainly used in meat processing industry, catering industry, poultry slaughterhouse, aquaculture industry, large supermarkets, etc. Also suitable for various types of hanging baskets, plastic baskets, stainless steel plates, plastic plates, freezing plates, and food tableware. Clean food molds. It can also be used to wash dirty chocolate trays, and can also be used to wash processed parts in the hardware industry.According to the requirements of customers and the shape of different baskets, we can develop different equipment schemes according to different requirements to achieve the best cleaning effect of the product.
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