500KG/H Salad Leaves Washing Process Machine

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fruit vegetable washing machine
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500KG/H Salad Leaves Washing Machine
This salad leaves washing machine suitable for all fruit and vegetables, like: cabbage, cabbage, spinach, etc. This vortex type fruit vegetable washing machine mainly use drum-type spiral water cleaning, supplemented by bubble cleaning, which can clean the vegetable leaves without damaging the leaves. 
It is widely use in supermarket agribusiness, such as supermarkets, clean vegetable distribution, farmers' markets, troops, corporate canteens, meal trustees and other group catering companies; central kitchens and other large and medium-sized enterprises.

fruit vegetable washing machine
Feature Of  This Salad Washing Machine:
1. This salad washing process machine adopts the principle of natural water flow to ensure that the vegetables are not destroyed during the entire washing process, so as to achieve the goal of the industrialized standardization process of clean vegetable processing.
2. Salad washing machine will remove impurities and sewers from the material, and completely remove light or small heavy objects such as sediment, dust, pebbles, etc., and effectively kill and remove pesticide residues in food.
How To Work About This Salad Process Machine
The inlet and both sides of the storage tank are equipped with flushing pipes, which are provided by the high-pressure pump. After the action of the flushing water, the water in the water tank produces a swirling state. The material rotates forward under the action of the water flow to complete the cleaning. . The conveying vibration material is discharged, and the water flows through the holes of the vibrating screen and flows into the bottom water tank to complete the circulation of the entire water circuit.

We also have the Bubble Type Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine 
bubble type fruit vegetable washing machine
Technical Data
Model Machine Size Capacity
GG 5400*1410*1950MM 500kg/h

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