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Bubble Type Kohlrabi Washing Machine 
The Kohlrabi washing machine adopts a bubble water bath to wash, which is suitable for the cleaning of leafy vegetables and can be customized according to the quality requirements of the product.There is a bubble generating device in the equipment.Suitable for washing strawberries, jujubes, stem vegetables, fruits, etc.
kohlrabi washing machine
WorKing Principle Of The Bubble Type Kohlrabi Washing Machine
Place the material in a tumbling state to remove the pesticide residue on the product surface. At the same time, an appropriate amount of medicament can be added for disinfection and fixation. The floating objects can be removed from the product.The overflow tank overflows, and the sediment is discharged from the sewage outlet to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
Feature Of The Kohlrabi Washing Machine
1. The frame, bearing and motor are all made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, and the products meet the national food industry standards.
2. Adopt bubble tumbling, brushing and spraying technology to clean the materials to the limit.
3. The assembly line can be tailor-made according to the different processing characteristics of the users, and the degree can meet the technological requirements.
4. The cleaning operation speed is controlled by a frequency converter, and the cleaning speed can be adjusted freely.
5. The machine has compact structure and high degree of automation, which is suitable for cleaning operations of various vegetable processing enterprises, aquatic products processing enterprises, and meat processing enterprises.
Technical Data
Model power(KW) Dimension(MM) weight
Width of mesh belt
GGXQ3000 Bubble:2.2
Mesh belt:0.75
Water pump:1.5
3100*1400*1500 500 800
GGXQ4000 Bubble:4
Mesh belt:1.1
Water pump:1.5
4100*1400*1500 700 800
GGXQ5000 Bubble:5.5
Mesh belt:1.5
Water pump:2.2
5100*1400*1500 900 800
GGXQ6000 Bubble:5.5
Mesh belt:1.5
Water pump:2.2
6100*1400*1500 1000 800
GGXQ7000 Bubble:5.5
Mesh belt:1.5
Water pump:3
7100*1400*1500 1200 800
GGXQ8000 Bubble:5.5
Mesh belt:1.5
Water pump:3
8100*1400*1500 1350 800


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