Automatic Fruit Grading Machine Hot Sale

Automatic Fruit Grading Machine is a mechanical device used for grading and sorting fruits. It is usually used in places such as fruit processing plants, orchards or wholesale fruit and vegetable markets, to help quickly and efficiently sort fruits by size, weight or quality.
fruit grading machine
The working principle of the fruit grading machine is to utilize the conveyor belt and roller system. The fruit enters the conveyor belt from the feeding port, and the conveyor belt conveys the fruit forward one by one. Above the conveyor belt, there is a series of roller bars arranged in parallel, and the distance between the roller bars can be adjusted. These rollers are usually made of rubber or plastic and are elastic.
When the fruit rolls on the conveyor belt, the smaller or lighter fruit will fall through the gap between the rollers to the grading channel below, while the larger or heavier fruit will roll over the roller and continue to be conveyed to the conveyor belt. Next stage or collection area. Different grading of fruits can be achieved by adjusting the spacing between the rollers.
Technical Data
Machine name Fruit grading machine
voltage 220V
Powder 0.55kw
capacity 1000kg/h

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