Fresh Vegetable Washing Cutting Processing Solution

fresh vegetable processing machine
vegetable processing line
Fresh Vegetable Washing Cutting Processing Solution is a production line for processing and packaging fruits and vegetables. Its main purpose is to improve production efficiency and user-friendly needs while maintaining the freshness and quality of ingredients.

The production line includes the following main steps:
  • Washing: First, put the fruits and vegetables into the washing section to remove impurities, dirt and pesticide residues from the surface. Water and/or specific cleaning agents can be used for this step.
  • Cutting: After washing, the fruits and vegetables are sent to the cutting section, where they are cut according to demand. This can include cutting into blocks, sheets, strips or other specific shapes to suit different product needs.
  • Sorting : Segmented fruits and vegetables are sorted and screened by conveyor belts or other devices. This step can be done according to criteria such as size, shape, etc. to ensure the consistency and quality of the product.
  • IQF Quick freezing: After sorting and screening, fruits and vegetables are sent to the quick freezing area to freeze and maintain their freshness. This can be achieved through the use of cryogenic freezing equipment and techniques to ensure the quality and nutritional value of ingredients.
  • Packaging and Encapsulation: Finally, the quick-frozen fruits and vegetables are packaged and encapsulated for storage and shipping. This can include the use of plastic bags, cartons or other suitable packaging for frozen produce.
Fresh vegetable processing machine
The design and configuration of the Fresh Vegetable Washing Cutting Processing Solution can vary according to different production needs and product types. But in general, it aims to improve production efficiency, ensure the freshness and quality of ingredients, and meet the market's demand for convenience, ease of use and storage.
Technical Data
Machine name Power Size & Capacity
Automatic Vegetable and Fruit Washing Machine 5.1kw/380v/50Hz 5000*1400*1400(mm)
Air Cooling Drying Machine 3.1kw/380v/50Hz 4000*1100*1000(mm)
Multi-functional Vegetable Cutter Machine 220V/380V 1020*760*1370(mm)
Capacity: 800-1500kg/h

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