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carrot washing machine
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The carrot washing machine is also called vegetable brush type washing machine. It imitates the manual brushing and scraping of the surface of vegetables and fruits, and then sprays and rinses with clean water. It is an automatic cleaning and peeling machine that replaces manual work with machinery. Widely used in the washing of similar round fruit and vegetable raw materials, it is an ideal equipment for vegetable processing, fruit processing and fast food processing industries
carrot washing machine
How Carrot Washing Machine Works?
It is designed according to the characteristics of carrot oval. Add the carrots into the stainless steel tank, and then the motor drives the chain drive, which is driven to the hair roller through the chain, so that the hair roller rotates at a high speed. At the same time, the brush on the hair roller scrapes. Under the action of the high-pressure water pump, the carrots are sprayed, so that the carrots are cleaned while peeling. The waste collection area under the machine has enough space for workers to remove waste, and the newly added filter screen can completely separate the waste residue and waste water.
carrot cleaning equipment
Carrot washing machine advantage:
1. It has the characteristics of large effective volume for cleaning and peeling, high efficiency, water saving, continuous cleaning, simple operation and long service life.
2. The brush roller material is treated by a special process, which is durable and has good wear resistance.
3. The carrot washing peeling machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance and convenient operation.
4. Durable to meet product export standard requirements. The labor cost and labor intensity are reduced, and the technical department has stable performance and high efficiency.
Carrot washing machine application
Carrot washing machine is suitable for sorting and cleaning carrots, potatoes and other root vegetables and fruits, as well as seafood and meat materials. The brush is equipped with a high-pressure spray, which has a good cleaning effect and can thoroughly clean the stains on the surface of fruits and vegetables.
Technical Data
Model Power(KW) Size(mm) Feed height(mm) Discharge height(mm)
GGSX800B 2.2 1100*950*1150 930 530
GGSX1200B 2.2 1500*950*1150 930 530
GGSX1500B 2.2 1900*950*1150 930 530
GGSX2000B 2.2 2400*950*1150 930 530

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