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Avocado Washing Processing Machine Line
Avocado Washing Machine
Avocado Grading Machine
Avocado washing, grading and waxing are important steps in agricultural product processing and quality control. Gelgoog can provide the full automatic avocado washing processing machine line for your business 
Washing machine: Gelgoog’s washing machine can clean avocados from their post-picking state, removing soil, impurities and residues.
Grading: Separating washed avocados into different grades or categories based on characteristics such as size, weight, appearance, and quality.
Waxing: Waxing is the application of a layer of wax to the surface of an avocado in order to preserve its freshness, extend shelf life and add luster to its appearance. The wax also helps protect the avocado from the outside environment.
avocado  washing machine line
  • Fully automatic avocado washing processing lines usually have the following characteristics:
  • Automated equipment: This production line usually uses automated equipment, such as conveyor belts, cleaning machines, graders and waxing machines, to improve efficiency and reduce manual operations.
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing: The cleaning process involves removing dirt, bacteria, and other impurities, and is often also sanitized to ensure food safety.
  • Grading accuracy: The grader can accurately classify avocados into different grades according to different standards (such as size, weight, appearance) to meet market demand.
  • Waxing System: The waxer evenly applies a protective layer of wax to increase the avocado’s durability and visual appeal.
  • High efficiency: The automated production line can process large batches of avocados at high speed, improving production efficiency.
  • Environmental protection: Some modern cleaning, grading and waxing lines also pay attention to environmental protection and reduce resource waste and pollution.
  • These features help ensure that the avocado production line can produce high-quality, safe products and increase production efficiency.
avocado processing machine
In addition, if you want further processing, gelgoog can customize products for you according to your needs. We can also provide avocado cutting equipment, Iqf freezing equipment, and drying equipment for you to choose from, and can produce different finished products.
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