Multi-Function Use Yogurt Pasteurizer Machine Hot Sale

yogurt sterilizer machine
yogurt pasteurizer machine
yogurt pasteurizer machine price
yogurt pasteurization machine
yogurt sterilizer machine price
What is yogurt pasteurizer machine?
Yogurt pasteurizer machine is suitable for instantaneous sterilization milk, juice, beverage, popsicle and ice cream paste, soy sauce, soy milk, condensed milk, wine and other liquid materials to be used for sterilization fluid materials. 
yogurt pasteurizer machine
Application of Yogurt Sterilizer Machine
1.Mask and protection suit in hospitals
2.Food processing industry, including fruit juice, milk, beverages, beer, edible oil,various canned and cold drink
products,bread,meat etc
4.Various of herbs and spices
5.Water disinfection and sterilization for biochemical pharmaceutical and chemical productionCharacteristics of Ultraviolet Sterilizer Machine
yogurt sterilizer machine
Feature Of The Yogurt Pasteurizer Machine :
1.Can quickly and effectively kill various bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms,Uniform temperature and no blind angle 
2 High temperature short time sterilization,Higher temperature sterilization, save energy
3.Simple operation and easy maintenance
4.Small footprint and high capacity
5.No pollution, strong environmental protection, no toxic and side effects
6.Low investment cost, low operating cost and convenient equipment installation
Technical Data
Name Model Power(KW) Dimension(MM) Weight(KG) sterilizing time sterilizing temprature
GGJP50 4.5 650x650x1000 55 15seconds(adjustable) 65-95℃(adjustable)
GGJP70 6.5 750x750x1200 70
GGJP100 6.5/9.5(380V) 850x850x1350 85
GGJP150 6.5/9.5(380V) 950x950x1500 100
GGJP300 20(380V) 1100x1200x1800 185

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