Commercial Use Juice Pasteurizer Sterilization Manufacturers

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Commercial Use Juice Pasteurizer Sterilization Manufacturers
This juice pasteurizer sterilization machine
 is made of higt qualihty 304 stainless steel, useable for the fruit juice ,milk and drink water sterilizated.But this fruit juice sterilization machine not only can besuitable for common products, but also can satisfy special requirements ofcustomers, for  example: long term production of products with granules or medium and high viscosity. Such as cream, pure milk etc. products (milk, fruitjuice and cream) of high viscosity; products containing giber and larger pulpgranules, products of high acidity and products corrosive to the dead angle.
juice sterilization machine
The products can be pasteurized at a temperature of 65~95°C.Main Advantage of the juice sterilization machine:
1.This juice strilization machine have the feature  of the material hard to agglomerate,  And the machine can work long time.
2.PLC  control withsimple and correct operation; Full touch screen display.
3.Self-provided CIP cleaning system, easy cleaning;reliable materials with highpressure withstanding capacity; low maintenance cost. 
4.It can be customizedto satisfy individualized requirements of different customers
If you have interested,we also can offer the juice making machine for you :
fruit vegetable juice machine

Technical Data
Name Model Power(KW) Dimension(MM) Weight(KG) sterilizing time sterilizing temprature
GGJP50 4.5 650x650x1000 55 15seconds(adjustable) 65-95℃(adjustable)
GGJP70 6.5 750x750x1200 70
GGJP100 6.5/9.5(380V) 850x850x1350 85
GGJP150 6.5/9.5(380V) 950x950x1500 100
GGJP300 20(380V) 1100x1200x1800 185

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