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onion peeling machine
onion peeling machine price
commercial onion peeling machine
industrial onion peeling machine
Introduction of Onion peeling machine:
This onion peeler machine uses compressed air as the motive power source, Produced a strong wind at the roundabout near the natural peeling onion. This machine comprises two parts, the dry feeding trough has the hot blast to circulate the function, and even in the humid climate would also have to be dry onion state. Peeling of the air compressor used as the driving force and energy saving. Apply to the market, food plants, onion, and other industries use occasions.
onion peeling mchine price
Feature of onion peeling machine:
1. Peeled onion can be kept whole, fresh and clean because this machine is designed with special theory and technique.
2. It can dry and peel the onion automatically, and it is practical, power-saving, small, high-efficient, and easy to repair and clean. It also has a failure rate.
3. Peeled onion can separate from the skin automatically because this machine has automatic temperature control device and automatic transfer device. Peeled garlic can be kept for longer time since they can not be hurt during peeling.
4. It is mainly used in large agricultural fair,food factory and dehydrating food factory, etc. 
Technical Data
Model voltage Power Gas  Consumption
GGYQ1000 380V 50HZ 3000w
45w screw air compressor

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