Commercial Tomato Puree Making Machine Line

tomato puree making machine line
how to make tomato puree
tomato puree machine line
tomato puree maker machine
Tomatoes are generally processed into tomato paste or tomato puree. The tomato puree production line mainly includes five parts: cleaning and sorting system; crushing and beating system; concentration system; sterilization system; aseptic filling system. Fresh tomatoes are cleaned, upgraded, sorted, crushed and beaten, concentrated and sterilized, and then aseptically filled to become the finished tomato puree.
tomato puree making machine line
The tomato puree processing line can produce tomatoes from fresh tomatoes to various products. We also have a tomato paste production line, from fresh tomatoes to tomato paste in barrels with sterile bags. Mainly include: fresh tomato receiving system, cleaning system, sorting system, extraction system, concentration system, disinfection system and aseptic filling system. Then put the tomato paste with a sterile bag into the bucket. The ketchup in the aseptic bag in the barrel can be further made into ketchup, sauce, juice, and then packed into upright bags, metal cans, PP containers, bottles, etc.
More Feature Of The Tomato Puree Making Machine Line  
1. All contact materials with material are made of stainless steel, which is in full compliance with GMP standards;
2. Fast live connection, easy and quick to disassemble and wash;
3. The filling volume and filling speed are easily adjustable, and the bottles of different specifications and shapes can be replaced without replacing parts, and the adjustment is easy;
4. The filling head is equipped with a leak-proof device, and there is no drawing dripping when filling.
Technical Data
Description Technical specifications
and drying machine
◎Water recycling system;
◎Elevator:PU Material
Crusher machine ◎Capacity:0.3-0.5t/h;
◎Power: 2.2kw/380v/50hz/3p;
Heating and concentration/sterilization ◎Capacity:200liters;
◎Pot body size:800*550mm

Sachet packing
◎Weight: 400kg;
◎Bag size:
Length: 40-150mm, Width: 20-130mm.
◎Packing Range: 10-100grams.
◎Packing Speed: 40-80 bags/min

Sterilizer machine
◎The basket size:500*500*240mm*2.
◎The bottle will be sterilized in the hot water between 60-80℃.


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