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Pomegranate Juice Line
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The pomegranate juice production line is made of all stainless steel, and the heavy manual labor is replaced by mechanical operation. It is easy to operate, avoids repeated pollution, meets food hygiene export standards, low energy consumption and high efficiency, and provides a strong foundation for comprehensively improving product quality and output. Assure.
pomegranate juice line
Gelgoog can provide two solutions of pomegranate juice and pomegranate honey:
The processing flow of pomegranate juice is: pomegranate→washing→peeling→sieving→juicing→filtering→degassing→sterilizing→filling.
The processing flow of pomegranate honey is: pomegranate→washing→peeling→sieving→juicing→filtering→vacuum concentration→degassing→sterilization→filling
Pomegranate juice production line Features:
  • Greatly improve the degree of automation and mechanization of pomegranate in the process of processing.
  • Minimize the number of workers employed in the pomegranate processing line.
  • Improve the efficiency and quality of pomegranate processing.
We currently provide equipment with different outputs, which can be customized according to your needs, such as output, packaging specifications, equipment placement, etc., and can provide one-to-one services according to customer needs.
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