Multi-function Use Vegetable Paste Making Machine Line

vegetable paste making machine line
tomato paste making machine line
vegetable sauce making machine
The factory vegetable paste production line equipment is very unified, one production line can process a variety of vegetables, such as celery sauce, mustard sauce, sweet and spicy sauce, chili sauce, ketchup, etc. Mainly including washing equipment, lifting equipment, sorting equipment, crushing equipment, pre-cooking equipment, boiling equipment, glass bottle filling machines, bottle washing machines, capping machines, capping machines, post-sterilization equipment, etc.
sauce production line
1. For washing equipment, you can use a high-pressure spray bubble cleaning machine. Bubble drum transmission cleaning at the bottom, high-pressure spray cleaning at the top, double cleaning, clean, no damage to fruits and vegetables, high output. Root fruits and vegetables can be cleaned with a brush.
2. For pre-cooking equipment, the internal cooking pot, that is, the sandwich pot, can be used for small outputs, and the cooking assembly line can be used for large outputs.
3.Air drying equipment, use air dryer or air drying turning production line.

In addition to vegetable jam, the vegetable jam production line can also make strawberry jam, apple jam, mulberry jam, tomato jam, etc. Gelgoog can customize jam production line solutions based on jam output, etc.
vegetable sauce making machine line
Technical Data
Vegetable Paste Making Line   Main Parameters
Bubble type washing machne Powder:4.45KW / 380V / 50Hz
Size: 2500x1200x1300mm
Broken screw pump  capacity: 0.5-1 ton / hour;
Power: 1.5KW;
Dimensions: 1500 × 500 × 500mm;
Enzyme inactivation equipment  capacity: 1T / H
Size: 1220 × 615 × 1250mm
Pulp machine capacity: 1-2.5 tons / hour
Power: 380V, 50Hz, 4Kw;
Temporary storage tank storage tank: 500L;
Exit: φ25.4mm clamp quick-install interface;
Tank body: φ500 × 800 × δ = 2mm;
Discharging height: 200mm, φ25.4mm quick-install interface;
Dimensions: 500 × 1200mm;
Stirring  power: 1.5KW
Heating power: 24KW
If the burner is configured: 10W Kcal
Dimensions: 1100 * 980 * 1600
Body size: 800 * 550
Filling machine 1200 * 350 * 350
Voltage 200-250V
Frequency 50 or 60HZ

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