Industrial Use Garlic Paste Making Machine Line

garlic paste making machine line
garlic peeling machine line
garlic paste grinding machine
Introduce Of The Garlic Paste Making Machine Line
This garlic paste making machine line mainly used for industrial garlic paste process.All the machine are made of 304 stainless steel,easy to clean and easy to operation.The industrial use garlic paste making machine with the advantage of high efficiency,high output.

Process Machine Of The Garlic Paste Making Machine Line 
1.Garlic root cutting machine:
This garlic root cutting machine can cut garlic root and garlic beard.
2.Garlic Peeling Machine :This Garlic Peeling Process Machine include the garlic breaking machine and garlic peeling machine.
garlic peeling machine line
3.Garlic washing and drying machine :After peeling ,we need the washing and drying machine to get the fresh garlic can be used to make garlic paste.
4.Garlic paste grinding machine:
This commercial use garlic paste grinding machine biggest advantage is high output, and can be directly to the whole garlic grinding paste. 
garlic paste grinding machine

Technical Data
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