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fruit vegetable vacuum fryig machine
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 Fruit Vegetable vacuum frying machine is a special equipment for frying products in vacuum situation which can keep products low oil, not easy to fade or change color. And the efficient device can also support and allow it to be widely used for a long time with a high quality.
fruit vegetable vacuum fryer
The main components of the fruit vegetable vacuum fryer:
Standard configuration: frying chamber, oil storage tank, heat exchanger, condenser, oil-water separator, vacuum system, PLC control system
Optional: cooling tower, steam generator, air compresso
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Why should choose the fruit vegetable vacuum frying machine :
1.The taste is crunchy and pleasant ,delicate and fragrant. When vacuum frying, the raw materials are heated in a sealed state. Most of the aromatic components in the raw materials are water-soluble, and cannot be dissolved in the oil. With the dehydration of the raw materials, these aromatic components are further concentrated and can be very good Preserve the original fragrance of fresh ingredients.
2.The oil content in the food is low, which meets the requirements of modern food. Moisture vaporizes rapidly in a vacuum state, the frying time is short, and the fat penetrates into the food less than the normal temperature frying. Coupled with an effective deoiling device, the oil content of vacuum fried food is much lower than that of normal pressure fried food.
3.The oil-water separation system can cool and separate the evaporated water oil,,reduce the pollution of the water circulation,increase the repeated use rate of water,and reduce the loss of oil.
4.The machine is made of stainless steel and has the characteristics of high efficiency ,stable convenient installation and use.
Technical Data
Model GG-50 GG-100 GG-200 GG-300
Specifications Φ500 mm Φ800 mm Φ1000 mm Φ1200 mm
Material box sizes Φ500*460 mm Φ800*500 mm Φ1000*600mm Φ1200*600 mm
Material box number 2 2 2 2
Vacuum degree of work 0.096-0.098 mpa 0.096-0.098 mpa 0.096-0.098 mpa 0.096-0.098 mpa
Working Temperature 80-120 C 80-120 C 80-120 C 80-120 C
Vacuum pump power 11 Kw 11 Kw 11+3 Kw 11+3 Kw
Heating mode electrical/steam electrical/steam electrical/steam electrical/steam
Volume 90 L 250 L 470 L 680 L
(french fries,for example)
30-50Kg/Time 80-100 Kg/Time 180-200 Kg/Time 260-300 Kg/Time
Installed capacity 20.5 Kw 20.5 Kw 23.5 Kw 23.5 Kw
Overall dimensions 2400*2400*2400 mm 3600*3200*3000 mm 3800*3600*3000 mm 4200*3800*3400 mm

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