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potato chips frying machine
chips frying machine
industrial potato chips frying machine
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Industrial Potato Chips Frying Equipment 
Also named automatic potato chips frying machine ,mesh fryer.It is design with all 304 stainless steel,double mesh belt.Can suitable for much material ,like cassave chips , potato chips ,fries , and other fruit and vegetables .Industrial potato chips frying equipment have the capacity of 200kg/h,300kg/h,500kg/h...,and  can be customized as your requiments.


potato chips frying machine

Advantage of the industrial potato chips frying machine :
♦This potato chips frying machin can deep-fry various foods same time and without peculiar smell. 
♦ This chips frying machine has the characteristics of automatic temperature control and uniform heating, which can maintain a stable temperature and the nutrition of fried foods. The operation is simple and can be operated by one person.
♦ This potato chips frying machin is made of 304 stainless steel, and can reach food hygiene standards.
♦ This industrial potato chips frying machine is widely used in food and snack frying processing factories, restaurants, hotels and other places. Suitable for potato chips, banana chips, meat pies, chicken legs, chicken steaks, fish steaks, fish, shrimp French fries, peanuts, vegetables, etc.

Technical Data
Model Heating Method Power(KW) Size(mm) Capacity(before frying)
LZE2000 Electric 54 2200*785*1350 French fries 190kg/h
Potato chips 60kg/h
LZE3500 Electric 90 3700*1600*2200 French fries 330kg/h
Potato chips180kg/h
LZE5000 Electric 144-171 5200*1600*2200 French fries 400kg/h
  Potato chips220kg/h
LZE6500 Electric 190 6700*1600*2200 French fries 630kg/h
Potato chips350kg/h
LZE8000 Electric 234-252 8200*1600*2200 French fries 850kg/h
Potato chips460kg/h
LZG2000 Gas 10W C 2200*800*1400 French fries 190kg/h
Potato chips60kg/h
LZG3500 Gas 20W C 3700*1900*2400 French fries 380kg/h
Potato chips120kg/h
LZG5000 Gas 30W C 5200*1900*2400 French fries 570kg/h
Potato chips180kg/h
LZG6500 Gas 40W C 6700*1900*2400 French fries 760kg/h
Potato chips250kg/h
LZG8000 Gas 50W C 8200*1900*2400 French fries 950kg/h
Potato chips300kg/h

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