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Automatic French Fries Frying Machine 

Automatic french fries frying machine with automatic elevating system, automatic filtrating system, oil temperature controlling system, oil adding system and heating system.Can fry the snack pellet, potato chips, yams, taros, peanuts, fish, dough snacks, green peas, fava beans, broad beans.And we also  have the  gas fryer and electrial fryer, with the capacity 200-900kg/h.

fries frying machine

Advantage of the french fries frying machine

1. Continuous frying, effectively improving production capacity and saving labor;

2. French fries frying machine can completely solve many problems of traditional fryer, such as preventing the deterioration of kerosene due to residues in the oil, which will harm human health and affect its health. 

3. This potato fries frying machine also has a high cost performance and a wide range of applications, which can meet the needs of large-scale frying.

Technical Data
Model Heating type Power Size(MM) Weight
Key size
Oil discharge
GGZLD3500 Electricity delivery:1.5KW
Promotion: 0.75KW
3700*1400*2300 800 200 Mesh belt
width 800
GGZLQ3500 Gas Delivery:1.5KW
Promotion: 0.75KW
3700*1700*2300 1200 200 Mesh belt
width 800
1200L 23cube 20W
Big card
GGZLD4000 Electricity Delivery:1.5KW
4200*1400*2300 1000 300 Mesh belt
width 800
GGZLQ4000 Gas delivery:1.5KW
Promotion: 0.75KW
4200*1700*2300 1400 300 Mesh belt
width 800
1420L 23cube 20W
Big card
GGZLD5000 Electricity delivery:1.5KW
Promotion: 1.5KW
5200*1400*2300 1200 500 Mesh belt
width 800
GGZLQ5000 Gas delivery:1.5KW
Promotion: 1.5KW
5200*1700*2300 1600 500 Mesh belt
width 800
1850L 34cube 30W
Big card

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