Commercial Fried Food De-watering De-oiling Machine

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Dewatering and deoiling machine, also known as water throwing machine, centrifugal dewatering and degreasing machine, is a device that uses the principle of mechanical centrifugation to throw water and oil and collect it through the high-speed rotation of the inner cylinder. Fried food de-oil machine used for fruits, vegetables and other vegetables, food, medicinal materials that have been washed or soaked or cut to remove surface moisture, and fried food to remove the oil on the surface of various foods, making them beautiful, good taste, easy to store, easy to pack, and save eating Oil, etc., non-fat food is not easy to break, which is conducive to the faster and faster operation of the next product.
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Commercial Fried Food De-watering De-oiling Machine
1. The Fried Food De-watering De-oiling Machine is made of 304 stainless steel, fully enclosed, digitally controlled, and automatically electromagnetic brake.
2. The Fried Food De-watering De-oiling Machine is equipped with an anti-vibration system, the deoiling process is stable, the centrifugal principle is used, and the digital display is automatically controlled.
3. Precise measurement, stable operation, the speed can be selected according to the degreasing material, which is in line with the centrifugal effect.
3. The Fried Food De-watering De-oiling Machine has a large deoiling output and good effect. It can be equipped with an assembly line and has high efficiency.
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Technical Data
Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
GGD-100 200KG/H 2.2kw 320KG 1100*1100*1500mm

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