Drum-Type Banana Chips Flavoring Machine Price

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banana chips seasoning machine
drup type flavoring machine
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New type banana chips flavoring machine 
This banana chips flavoring machine including oil sprayer,material sprayer that can operate by rolling themselves and come after and adjust the speed and flux of flavoring and oil spraying.It ensures oil and flavoring onto the surface equally and improves the consistency of flavoring cover of different products.It can make processed food with seasoning material fully mixed uniformity in a short time.
banana chips flavoring machine
Feature of the banana chips flavoring machine 
1. It reduces the consumption of flavoring maximum and saves cost.The operation is very simple.This processing line can produce high quality products and be used in various similar inflating snacks processing line.
2. Flavoring machine for potato chips banana crisp can be used for the Fried peanuts, Fried beans, green beans, soy bean, many kinds of peanut, peanut shrimp, crispy rice, potato chips, squid ring, onion rings, cashew nuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds and other food seasoning mixing, widely used, easy to operate, very popular in food processing plants.
3. Automatic discharging, convenient cleaning, disinfection, no dead Angle.Large output Flavoring Drum Machine
4.It can mix liquid, such as oil, honey, syrup, with snack food, beans, peanuts, chips, teas and other food
5.The machine is made of food grade stainless steel, complying with hygiene requirement. The control panel is easy to operate.
Video Of The Banana Chips Flavoring Machine 

Technical Data
Model power Output Size
GG-2S 0.75kw 200-250kg/h 1500*650*1500mm
GG-3S 1.5kw 400-600kg/h 2000*800*1700mm

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