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High Efficiency Garlic Root Cutting Machine
This garlic root cutting machine can cut garlic root and garlic beard. With the advantage of the high efficiency.Not only improves the production speed, but also cuts evenly and neatly without cutting the garlic itself, and the garlic is beautiful and clean.We can offer the stainless steel machine and ordinary machine for you choose.
garlic root cutting machine
Introduce Of The Garlic Root Cutting Machine 
1. This machine is used to cut the roots and stems of fresh garlic
2. It requires the operator to manually put the garlic into the machine, one by one. After cutting, the garlic will automatically be put into the bag. It will not damage garlics. We also can offter garlic processing machines from harvesting machines to packaging machines.
garlic root cutter
Advantage of the garlic root cutting machine 
1. This machine is used to cut the tail and root of fresh garlic and damp-dry garlic. It is very suitable for field working.
2. High Efficiency garlic root cutting machine.You need to put the garlic into the machine by hand, one by one, only one worker is enough.An experienced worker can cut 8000-10000 fresh garlic can be cut every hour. 
Technical Data
Model Voltage Power Capacity Dimensions Weight
GGQ-02 220V 0.5Kw 500-700Kg/h 770*650*870mm 40Kg

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