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Multi-Function Of The Vegetable Cutting Machine 
This vegetable cutting machine is suitable for the dehydration, quick freezing, preservation, pickling and other processing of various vegetables in the food industry. This machine is used to cut root vegetables. Like radishes, carrots, taro, potatoes, bamboo shoots,yam, bamboo shoots; green and red peppers, onion cut rings; carrot slices, shredded; aloe vera, cut into pieces, cut into strips, etc.The machine is equipped with a slicer, a strip and a cutting blade.
vegetable cuttingmachine
Feature Of the vegetable cutting machine 
1. The cutting size and cutting type can be adjusted by changing different blades.
2. There are two paper inlets on the machine. The larger one is suitable for feeding larger root vegetables, such as potatoes and tarot, while the smaller one, such as carrots and cucumbers, is best fed in a smaller inlet.
3. The machine is easy to operate and easy to clean. The blade is strong, hard and wear-resistant.
potato cutting machine
How to Repair and maintenance of the vegetable cutting machine:
1) Lubricate the bearings of the conveyor belt regularly.
2) Clean up in time after the work is completed.
3) When sharpening the knife, it is not necessary to remove the knife from the machine, just use a grindstone to grind one side of the knife; if the blade is severely damaged, you can use a wrench to remove the knife for repeated grinding. Do not overheat the knife during grinding to prevent annealing.
Technical Data
Power 220/380v,1hp
Weight 70kg
Dimension 720*500*900mm
Capacity 300-600kg/h

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