Industrial Use Long Banana Chips Cutting Machine

banana chips cutting machine
chips cuttiing machine
banana processing machine
banana chips cutter
Long banana chips cutting machine is designed with advanced technology. It’s suitable for cutting ginger, bamboo shot or other vegetable roots into pieces or strips. And its feature is that it cuts according to the length of material. Suitable for food processing plants, canteens, restaurants, etc. The cutting size can be switched .
banana chips cutting machine
Technical Parameter:
Capacity: 500kg/h
Cutting Type: centrifugal type, slice, strip
Cutting Size Available: 1.5~3mm
Voltage: 220V 50Hz
Dimension: 650x490x850mm
Net Weight: 80KG
Material Available: fresh ginger, bamboo shot, vegetable root
banana chips cutter
Feature About The Banana Chips Cutting Machine 
1. The slice thickness of this banana chips cutting machine can be adjusted from 1.5-6mm
2. The size of the feeding port can be customized according to requirements.
3. The slices are flat and do not damage the fibers.
4. The banana chips cutting machine (fruit vegetabe chips cutter) has high efficiency, wide application range and low failure rate.
5. Fully automatic operation, saving labor costs;
6. Good safety protection performance;
7. Stainless steel casing, overall seam welding;
Technical Data
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