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How Much Does It Cost To Set Up A Fruit And Vegetable Production Line?

rqi May 24 2023 By Maria Follow Us:
From the perspective of development, clean vegetables are the development trend of the modern market. How much budget do you need to invest in the assembly line of clean vegetable processing equipment? .
1. Clean vegetable processing equipment assembly line process
Fresh vegetables → selection → washing → precooking → cooling → cutting → washing → weighing → bagging → sealing → finished product (weighing, bagging and sealing are carried out in the aseptic operation room)
vegetable production line
Clean vegetable processing complete equipment assembly line is composed of selection platform, vegetable washing equipment, blanching equipment,  drying equipment, cutting equipment, packaging equipment and other auxiliary equipment.
3. Selection elements of washing vegetable processing equipment assembly line
(1) Output capacity
     Yield is a key factor in equipment selection. If you have just entered the clean vegetable processing industry, you can conduct scientific research on the market according to the business development situation, and choose the appropriate equipment according to the estimated reasonable output. Usually the price of the equipment is directly proportional to the size of the output.
(2) Types of materials
  As far as cleaning equipment is concerned, there are three main types according to different materials: bubble cleaners are suitable for spherical vegetables such as tomatoes and cherry tomatoes that do not need to be peeled and leafy vegetables; brush cleaners are suitable for root vegetables; vortex cleaners are mainly used for cutting Good (such as: cabbage, lettuce, spinach, etc.) cleaning and draining of vegetables. One or more of them can be selected according to the main materials to be processed.
fruit vegetable process machine
(3) Degree of automation
     According to the cost budget, choose semi-automatic or automatic assembly line. Key equipment can be selected in a targeted manner, saving most of the labor and reducing procurement costs. The automated vegetable cleaning production line does not need to be equipped with too much labor. Some workshops can be set up as fully automated production workshops, and the corresponding investment is relatively large.
The budget section of the washing vegetable processing production line will vary in price depending on the equipment configured. Generally speaking, a clean vegetable line ranges from tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands to millions. If the output is large or the process is more complicated, it can reach several million. The specific budget needs to be calculated according to the type of finished material and the size of the output.
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