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Industrial Use Onion Drying Production Line

rqi Jun 01 2023 By Maria Follow Us:
Onion drying production line process: picking and conveying—peeling—slicing—cleaning—air drying—drying—vacuum packaging. The specific operation points are as follows:
onion drying machine line
1. Raw material selection. Before dehydration, the onion should be strictly selected and removed, and the parts with diseases and insect pests, rotten and shriveled parts should be removed.
3.Cutting. Slice the peeled onions through a multi-purpose vegetable cutter.
4. Wash. Rinse the cut onion slices with clean water through a bubble cleaner to remove dust and dirt on the surface.
5. Cooling. After the cleaned onion slices are lifted, they pass through the air knife air dryer to dry the moisture on the surface.
6. Drying. The air-dried onion slices are conveyed to the dryer through the mesh belt for drying treatment, so that the moisture content is reduced to below 5%. The drying temperature ranges from 65°C to 85°C, drying at different temperatures and gradually cooling down. The general drying time is about 5 hours.
 Main equipment of onion drying production line
The main equipment of the onion drying production line includes onion peeling machine, cleaning machine (bubble cleaning machine, eddy current cleaning machine), multi-function vegetable cutting machine, air knife air drying machine, centrifugal drying machine, belt drying machine, vacuum packaging machine, etc. In order to improve the automation level of the onion drying production line, auxiliary equipment such as elevators, belt conveyors, and sorting tables can be equipped as needed.