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Quick Response And Flexible Tomato Paste Pocessing Solutions Services For Customers

rqi Nov 02 2022 By Maria Follow Us:
"Gelgoog was able to quickly grasp our actual needs and provided good guidance and advice. I have full confidence in the performance and reliability of their equipment and look forward to our long-term cooperation!"
                         ——Head of AD Company in Saudi Arabia
In just 5 days, from the customer's request for the tomato paste processing project, to matching the solution with investment value according to the customer's needs, obtaining customer recognition and confirming the cooperation relationship, GELGOOG has won new customers with fast, flexible and professional services - Saudi Arabia Arab AD Company.
AD Company is a large-scale investment company with a large-scale factory building and undertakes projects mainly through the local agricultural sector. Regarding the project of this cooperation, AD company only has the general requirements, and the degree of grasp of the specific details is not high. The most critical requirement is to complete the whole process from the determination of the plan to the implementation of the project in the shortest time.
tomato paste processing machine line
Powerful due to AD company's management standards, the organization has a clear division of labor. The project decision maker is responsible for the overall control of the tomato paste processing project, the technical department is responsible for demand communication, the finance department is responsible for confirming business terms, and the logistics department is responsible for confirming and following up on logistics information.
In order to make the project progress more quickly, AD company put forward project requirements to multiple suppliers at the same time. Even so, GELGOOG still paid enough attention to this project, and sent a project team composed of account managers, product engineers, solution engineers and other members to connect with various functional departments of AD company. The GELGOOG project team fully demonstrated the design and demonstrated the company's strength and solution advantages to customers.
The tomato paste solution tailored by GELGOOG for AD is a high-quality solution that has been proven in the market for many years. The tomatoes are preheated, crushed, separated, concentrated, sterilized and filled in a sterile environment, and the whole process of the material is in a closed environment. Under processing, the original flavor and nutrition of ketchup are preserved. It has the advantages of cleanliness, large capacity and high work efficiency. At the same time, it can also meet the needs of cross-season compound production of various products such as carrot jam, strawberry jam, chili jam, and blueberry jam. AD Company is very satisfied with the overall program.
Time is productivity. Quick response is not only the embodiment of GELGOOG's customer priority concept, but also a display of professionalism and strength.