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Different Frying Equipment For Sweet Potato Chips

rqi Jul 22 2022 By Maria Follow Us:
The fried sweet potato fries and sweet potato chips are crunchy and fragrant in your mouth, and the fragrance of sweet potatoes will wrap you in an instant, chew slowly, the more you chew, the more fragrant your lips and teeth will be. But do you know what kind of frying equipment is used to make these delicious sweet potato fries and sweet potato chips?
1. Commonly used frying equipment for sweet potato fries and sweet potato chips
The continuous fryer uses mesh belts to transport food, the transmission speed of the mesh belts is adjustable, the oil pollution is controllable, the temperature is raised quickly, and the production efficiency is high. Set up an electric lifting system to facilitate workers to clean and maintain the inside of the machine. In addition, there is an automatic smoke exhaust system and a constant temperature continuous production system to ensure that workers have a good working environment, avoid smoke and fire, and ensure that the food is fried at the same temperature, so that the fried sweet potato fries and sweet potato chips taste more delicious. crisp.
continuous frying machine
The chips vacuum fryer adopts the integrated design of frying, deoiling, dehydration and oil filtration. It can continuously complete constant temperature frying under vacuum, and the frying is more uniform, the shape of the sheet is more flat, and there is no sticking; continuous deoiling, the product is evenly deoiled. , the oil content is lower; it not only saves manpower and reduces labor intensity, but also fundamentally avoids the influence of human factors on product quality; the product is in a negative pressure state, and food processing under this relatively hypoxic condition can reduce or even avoid oxidation. effects such as fatty acid rancidity, enzymatic browning and other oxidative deterioration. In the negative pressure state, with oil as the heat transfer medium, the water (free water and part of the bound water) inside the food will be rapidly evaporated and ejected, so that the tissue forms a loose and porous structure.
vacuum fryer machine
2. How to process sweet potato fries and sweet potato chips to taste better
Sweet potato fries and sweet potato chips have their own sweetness, and they are golden and crispy after being fried. The taste is good because it takes into account many aspects of color and flavor. According to the survey, consumers prefer products with lower oil content, because desserts with more oil can make people feel greasy. Using the vacuum fryer developed by our company to process sweet potato fries and sweet potato chips tastes better.
Compared with the continuous chips fryer, the chips vacuum fryer adopts the low-temperature frying mode, which not only does not feel greasy, but also stimulates the fragrance of the sweet potato itself, making the taste doubled and crispy, and can retain 98% of the nutrients in the sweet potato.