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Nigerian Customs Inspecting The GELGOOG Ginger Processing Equipment

rqi Aug 04 2022 By Maria Follow Us:
Welcome Nigerian customers to our factory for inspecting the ginger processing equipment. Thank you for your satisfaction and look forward to working together again!
Customers mainly come to inspect ginger cleaning and processing equipment. As a professional ginger equipment supplier, we have different ginger equipment for customers to choose from. For Nigerian customers, we have special cleaning and cleaning and peeling equipment to provide
ginger processing machine
In the cleaning of fresh ginger, we mainly use two-step cleaning to complete the cleaning process of ginger. Generally, bubble soaking and high-pressure spray cleaning are used. After soaking and cleaning, the soil of ginger will be soaked and the impurities mixed in it will be precipitated, and then sent to high-pressure spray cleaning to remove the mud on the surface. The soaking part of the ginger cleaning and the high-pressure spraying device have their own functions. After the ginger is collected, it is cleaned and processed. During the process of placing it, the soil will become hardened. Soak the hardened soil of the ginger, and then under the action of the agitation of the bubbles of the bubble cleaning machine, the hard soil of the ginger is loosened to prepare for the high-pressure spray cleaning of the next process.
ginger washing equipment
High-pressure spray cleaning is to use high-pressure water to spray and rinse the passing ginger, and use the pressure to wash away the soil on the surface of the ginger. The ginger has two sides, which must be correct during the conveying process of the mesh belt; Clean the whole surface to ensure the cleanliness of the ginger. The ginger cleaning machine adopts the high-pressure spray cleaning method, and the upper and lower spray methods can effectively clean the soil on both sides. Including the mud impurities in the cracks can also be cleaned. The cleaning and conveying method of ginger adopts the conveying method of mesh belt. The mesh belt has good water permeability, which can ensure that the ginger cleaning machine is clean and free of dead ends when cleaning.