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Herbal Medicine Drying Production Line Introduce

rqi Aug 31 2022 By Maria Follow Us:
Most Chinese medicinal materials are the roots of plants, so the soil and sundries at the roots of the excavated medicinal materials need to be thoroughly cleaned before they can be removed. The mechanization level of Chinese herbal medicine processing plays an important role in improving production efficiency.
herbal drying production line
The processing technology of Chinese herbal medicine generally includes the processes of washing, air-drying, slicing and drying.
Main equipment of Chinese herbal medicine drying production line
According to the variety of Chinese herbal medicine, the leaf type Chinese herbal medicine can use the bubble herbal medicine washing machine; the root type Chinese herbal medicine can use the brush herbal medicine cleaning machine; the finely divided Chinese herbal medicine can use the eddy current cleaning machine.
herbal washing machine
2. Herbal medicine Slicing machine
Usually the Chinese herbal medicines we see are generally segmented or sliced, and it is necessary to use cutting equipment to evenly slice, shorten the drying time, and ensure the processing quality of Chinese herbal medicines.
3. Air drying equipment
The air-drying equipment is mainly to dry the moisture on the surface of the Chinese herbal medicine after cutting.
Large-scale drying of Chinese herbal medicines usually uses a mesh belt continuous dryer. The continuous dryer is an energy-saving drying equipment that integrates dehumidification, heating and dehumidification. The equipment is equipped with multiple heat recovery devices, which effectively improves the utilization rate of heat energy and greatly saves operating costs. Heat pump drying is close to natural drying. After drying, the color and shape of Chinese herbal medicine are well preserved, and the rehydration is good. It is suitable for long-term storage. Now it has become an ideal equipment for drying and processing Chinese herbal medicine.
herbal drying machine price
5. Herbal medicines Packaging equipment
The dried Chinese herbal medicines are packaged in time after cooling to facilitate transportation, storage and sales. Packaging methods such as bags and bottles are available.
The Chinese herbal medicine washing, slicing and drying automatic production line solution reasonably connects the Chinese herbal medicine cleaning, slicing and drying processes, which can be operated continuously, greatly improves production efficiency, reduces labor costs, ensures the quality of Chinese herbal medicine processing, and avoids man-made secondary pollution.