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GELGOOG Engineers Travel To Sudan For Mechanical Installation

rqi Sep 14 2022 By Maria Follow Us:
GELGOOG mechanical installation engineer team first achieved a breakthrough in going abroad since the new crown epidemic, and bravely went to the customer site to provide services for customers. The installation engineer said that he would like to thank the company for its care and encouragement, and would devote himself to providing customers with professional services to satisfy customers.
food processing machine
Gelgoog is a professional manufacturer and supplier of food processing equipment. In the past ten years, gelgoog has consistently provided customers with the best equipment and has won the trust of many food processing customers.
Gelgoog's food processing machines include: cleaning and processing of fruits and vegetables, cutting processing, juice production equipment, jam production equipment, nut processing equipment, baking equipment and packaging equipment.
washing drying machine line
The picture is our washing drying processing machine line, which is widely used in the processing of various fruits and vegetables, and we can realize the customization and automation of the equipment to provide you with the best processing equipment

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