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From The Fried Products Business Of GK Company In Russia

rqi Sep 22 2022 By Maria Follow Us:
GK was founded in 2011, based on the production of the popular deep-fried bread in Russia, and then expanded into cheese snacks and into fava bean frying. As an old Russian food processing enterprise for more than 10 years, it has been seeking new breakthroughs in the development of food frying exploration. In 2018, a round fryer was purchased from Jerguger, which officially opened the road of mechanized production and accelerated the development of fried food.
When choosing fried food processing solutions, in addition to the advanced and durable technology, GK pays special attention to the control of finished product quality, taste and food safety during processing. Under the continuous promotion of high-quality products, GK Company has shown a good development trend in the domestic food processing industry. In the face of huge market demand, GK has also entered the field of broad bean frying, and various products of GK have appeared in some large supermarkets.
   "We need an automated production line that can expand our market. I have always been satisfied with Gelgoog's services and solutions. My friend's packaging equipment was purchased from Gelgoog through my introduction."
   ——Head of Russia GK Company
In order to meet the expansion requirements of its own scale, GK decided to upgrade the production project of fried bread and broad bean, and signed a contract for two production lines of fried bread and broad bean together with its old partner Jergoug in August 2022.
frying machine line
While greatly reducing energy loss and ensuring efficiency, GELGOOG uses simpler and safer process concepts and equipment to ensure the frying production line from raw materials to finished products with excellent quality and efficiency, cleanliness and hygiene, and meet strict processing technology, Safety and hygiene requirements.
The frying production line adopts GELGOOG frying equipment with diversified scenes and high-quality processing standards, as well as GELGOOG's advanced degreasing, seasoning and other equipment, as well as bags, boxes, cylinders, etc. Class packaging equipment. It provides a reliable foundation for GK to accelerate efficient and low-energy production, expand its industrial development path, and enhance its brand image.
Focusing on the market, listening to customers, and committing to sustainable development in the future, GELGOOG has always been striving to innovate and practice. GELLGOOG will continue to help GK build a broader industrial map.