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Commerical Use Pineapple Peeling Machine Price

rqi Sep 24 2021 By Maria Follow Us:
Pineapple Peeling Machine. Artificial peeling is not only slow, but also bleeding, sweating, messy and messy, especially when the juice splashes and makes people feel itchy and painful.

This pineapple peeling machine can cut about 500 pineapples in 1 hour. It can cut both height and thickness. The peeling thickness can be adjusted because the machine computer control has self-adaptive function (that is, automatically follow the height to lower, and follow the thickness to fine). The machine is also compatible with four season pomelo and honey 26 kinds of fruits and vegetables.Like grapefruit, grapefruit, papaya, cantaloupe, jackfruit, taro, big yam, pumpkin, watermelon, winter melon, etc.
During operation, click on the touch screen, set the parameters, put the pineapple in the fruit holder.The machine automatically completes the separation of holding fruit and sending fruit-cutting fruit and discharging. It is an industrialized processing of pineapple chunks, dices, slices, strips.This pineapple peeling machine is the key equipment such as dry, sauce, flour, preserved food, beverage, canned food, and fresh cut.