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Video About The Garlic Paste Process Solution

rqi Nov 16 2021 By Maria Follow Us:
Garlic paste production line
The entire production line is fully controlled by PLC computer, which changes the traditional workshop processing mode, greatly improves labor efficiency and reduces production costs. In addition to garlic paste, gelgoog also can provide chili sauce, tomato sauce, mango sauce and other processing solutions
This is the video of garlic paste production and processing
Dried garlic→ lifting→broken garlic cloves→lifting→garlic peeling→bubble cleaning→garlic paste grinding→storage→stirring(water, lemon juice, salt mixing, water pump, fuel tank) →sauce filling→capping→disinfection→paste Label→ manually put into the tray→heat shrink packaging. 
garlic paste production line
Each process has corresponding garlic processing equipment:
The garlic peeling line uses a dry peeling method, which saves energy and protects the garlic from damage to the greatest extent. At the same time, we can link the cleaning and air-drying equipment to clean and air-dry the peeled garlic. The whole process is not It requires labor to achieve fully automated production, save labor, and achieve maximum benefits.
garlic peeling production line
2.Garlic Paste Grinding Machine 
This garlic paste grinder becomes a universal sauce grinder. It can not only be used to make garlic sauce, but also suitable for aloe vera, pineapple, sesame seeds, fruit tea, ice cream, mooncake filling, butter, jam, juice, soybeans, bean paste, bean paste, and peanuts. Milk, protein milk, soy milk, dairy products, malted milk essence, flavor, various beverages, etc.
garlic paste grinding machine
Why choose gelgoog's garlic paste solution:
1.High degree of automation, high production efficiency, saving time and effort.
2.Environmental protection, energy saving, no pollution to the environment, no waste of raw materials.
3.Made of rust-free steel, in line with food machinery standards.
4.The appearance of the equipment is exquisite and generous, the internal structure is compact, and the footprint is small and easy to use.
5.The after-sales service is perfect.