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tomato sauce making machine
paste grinding machine
tomato sauce maker
tomato paste grinding machine
The tomato sauce grinding machine is a kind of ultrafine pulverization equipment for grinding colloidal or similar colloidal materials. It is widely used in many industries. According to different material characteristics, production efficiency, and different uses, different specifications and models of colloid mills can be selected to achieve good results.
The tomato sauce making machine can be used for grinding tomato, pepper, sesame, peanut, soybean, almond, hazelnut, cocoa beans, cashew nuts, fruit and vegetable juices, and fruit and vegetable sauces. It is widely used.
tomato sauce making machine
Features of the tomato sauce making machine :
1. Tomato sauce making machine is a kind of centrifugal equipment with simple structure and convenient equipment maintenance. It is suitable for grinding materials with higher viscosity and larger particles.
2. Superfine pulverization of solids in the suspension can be realized in a very short time, that is, micronization has the functions of mixing, stirring, dispersing and emulsifying at the same time, and the particle size of the finished product can reach 50 μm;
3. High efficiency and output, about twice the efficiency of ball mill and roller mill;
4. By adjusting the gap between the two grinding bodies, it can reach 50 μm to achieve the purpose of controlling the particle size of the finished product;
5. Simple structure, convenient operation and small footprint. Due to the extremely small gap between the fixed grinding disc and the rotating grinding disc, the machining accuracy is high.
6. It is widely used in material grinding in food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry, construction industry and other industries.
Technical Data
Model Fineness(um) Capacity(t/h) Voltage(kw) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
GGJMS-80 80-100um or 165-198um 0.07-0.5 4 680×380×930 210
GGJMS-110 80-100um or 165-198um 0.3-1.2 7.5 750×450×1000 280
GGJMS-130 80-100um or 165-198um 0.4-2.0 11/15 990×450×1100 400
GGJMS-180 80-100um or 165-198um 0.8-6.0 18.5/22 1000×480×1150 450
GGJMS-240 80-100um or 165-198um 4.0-12 37/45 1330×650×1300 1000
GGJMS-300 80-100um or 165-198um 6.0-25 75/90 1450×630×1420 1600

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