Sauce Pot Mixing Machine|Tomato Sauce Jacketed Kettle With Mixer

Sauce pot mixing machine widely used in the processing of candy, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, wine, pastries, candied fruit, beverages, canned food, braised meat and other foods.Sauce Pot Mixing Machine are divided into: tilting jacketed pot, vertical (fixed) jacketed pot structure according to structure; divided into electric heating jacketed pot, steam heating jacketed pot, gas heating jacketed pot, electromagnetic heating jacketed pot according to heating method ; According to the process requirements, it is divided into two types: with stirring and without stirring.
sauce pot mixing machine
Tomato Sauce Jacketed Kettle With Mixer Features
1. The heating efficiency is high. The electric heating sandwich pot uses 380V electricity as the heat source. The interlayer is equipped with electric heating rods, electric thermocouples and heat transfer oil (self-provided), which can reach 300 degrees. It is controlled by an electric control box and equipped with an automatic temperature control system. The electric heating jacketed pot has the characteristics of large heating area, uniform heating, high thermal efficiency, short liquid boiling time, and easy control of heating temperature.
2. The electric leakage protection switch is used for safe operation. There are many models to choose from.
3. Beautiful appearance, easy installation, convenient operation, safe and reliable.
4. The thermal efficiency is as high as 93%.
5.  It can be used in large restaurants or cafeterias to cook soup, cook vegetables, stew meat, porridge, etc. It is a good equipment for food processing to improve quality, shorten time, and improve working conditions.
Technical Data
Model Mixing power(
Heating power
Burner Dimensions
Body size
Heat transfer
GGCJ-100 0.75 18 5W big card 1500*900*1500 700*500 160 40L
GGCJ-200 1.5 24 5W big card 1600*1000*1600 800*550 200 50L
GGCJ-300 1.5 24 5W big card 1700*1150*1600 900*600 260 65L
GGCJ-400 1.5 24 5W big card 1800*1250*1650 1000*650 300 70L
GGCJ-500 2.2 36 5W big card 1900*1350*1700 1100*700 360 85L
GGCJ-600 2.2 36or45 5W big card 2000*1450*1800 1200*750 400 100L
GGCJ-800 2.2 45or60 5W big card 2150*1600*1900 1300*800 460 130L

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