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pomegranate juice making machine
pomegranate juice maker machine
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The pomegranate juicer is developed by absorbing international advanced technology. The pomegranate juice  machine has a wide range of uses, and can squeeze watermelon, grape, strawberry, pear, apple, lemon, orange, orange, orange, tomato, papaya, radish, ginger and other fruit and vegetable juices.
juice making machine
Performance characteristics of the commercial pomegranate juice machine
1. Advanced design, compact structure, beautiful appearance.
2. The machine is composed of  crusher and screw juicer, which can automatically complete the crushing, juice extraction and slag discharge processes.
3. It adopts conical screw, with large capacity and high juice yield.
4. High efficiency, saving energy, low noise and no pollution.
5. All parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel;
pomegranate juice making machine sale
Working principle of pomegranate juice making machine
When the raw materials are added into the material feeding hopper, they receive pressure under the boosting of the spiral and the extracted juices will flow into the juice container through the filter screen, and the waste materials will be discharged through the ring interval formed between the spiral and the pressure adjusting taper part.
Technical Data
Model GGZL0.5 GGZL1.5 GGZL2.5
Capacity 500KG/H 1500KG/H 2500KG/H
Power 1.5KW 4KW 15KW
Spiral diameter Φ120mm Φ175mm Φ250mm
Filter aperture 0.6mm 0.6mm 0.6mm
Size 940*320*820mm 1590×440×1320mm 2020×640×1555mm

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