Passion Fruit Juice Making Machine Hot Sale

passion fruit juice making machine
passion fruit juice machine
passion fruit juice maker machine
This passion fruit juice machine , de-seeding machine and juice extracting machine in one is specially used for passion fruits.It can extract the passion fruit juice, at the same time, separate passion fruit pulp and seed.After processed by the fruit juice extracting machine , final product can be separate passion fruit juice, separate passion fruit peel, and separate passion fruit seed.
passion juice making machine price
More details about the passion fruit juice making machine 
1. Passion fruit juice machine suitable for seeds removal of washed and sorted passion fruit.
2. the seed removing rate is above 97%.
3. Passiflora juice extracting for sale  adopts rough crushing, squeezing , seed separating part
4. This passion fruit juice making machine also can be used to remove seeds for tomato, chili, watermelon and other fruits and vegetables that with seeds.
5.Fruit juice extracting machine meets the food industry requirement.all part is made of SUS304 stainless steel
6. specialize in juice making of passion fruit
7. This passion fruit pulp making machine is used to pre-process passion furit for juice and wine and pulp.
Technical Data
Model Power Capacity Dimension
GG-1 2.2kw 1T/H 1900*670*1695mm
GG-5 4.0kw 5T/H 2500*1000*1800mm

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