Commercial Use Ginger Juice Making Machine

ginger juice machine
ginger juice making machine
industrial ginger juice making machine
Working Principle Of The Ginger Juice Making Machine :
When the raw materials are added into the material feeding hopper, they receive pressure under the boosting of the spiral and the extracted juices will flow into the juice container through the filter screen, and the waste materials will be discharged through the ring interval formed between the spiral and the pressure adjusting taper part.
ginger juice making machine
Application Of The Ginger Juice Making Machine:
1.High fiber fruits and vegetables juice, hawthorn, lemon, apple, pineapple, seabuckthorn fruit, ginger (crushed), and other fruit and vegetable juice
2.Dehydration of organic matter, distillers' grains, vinegar grains, mushroom residue, cassava residue, carrot residue, bagasse, straw,soybean protein,etc
3.Dehydration of kitchen waste, hotels, restaurants and urban organic waste
4.Extract herbal juice from herbs,
5.pulp dehydration, wood pulp, grass pulp, bamboo pulp

Feature Of the ginger juice making machine :
1.Industrial jucing machine, high juicing rate(78%), Good test.
2. Stainless steel, sutiable for food hygienic standards.
4. Easy to operate, toch screen control, simple, effective.
5. Full auto CIP cleaning system, no need person to operate.
6.continuous automatic working, the airbag control filter belt correction, pressure, variable frequency speed regulation.
Technical Data
Model GGZL1.5 GGZL2.5
Capacity 1500KG/H 2500KG/H
Power 4KW 15KW
Spiral diameter Φ175mm Φ250mm
Filter aperture 0.6mm 0.6mm
Size 1590×440×1320mm 2020×640×1555mm

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