Commericial Coriander Chutney Processing Line

coriander chutney processing line
coriander chutney machine
coriander chutney equipment
coriander sauce machine
Coriander chutney processing line mainly provides safe and reliable production of various seasoning sauces for small and medium-sized sauce factories. It is mainly composed of material pretreatment (including cleaning, picking), material crushing and refining, sauce preparation and sterilization, and sauce filling. And post-sterilization composition, the entire production line is simple and efficient, the production parameters can be adjusted according to the process of different sauces, and has a high degree of flexibility, whether it is post-adjustment, addition or replacement of process modules is very convenient, and it is easy to It realizes the seamless switching of the production of various sauces. The equipment is simple in composition but can achieve a high degree of automatic continuous production, which can greatly improve the production efficiency compared with traditional production.
coriander chutney processing line
Fresh Coriander--washing--crushing--pastemaking--cooking--filling--capping--labeling
①Bubble coriander cleaning machine, using bubble tumbling technology to better clean coriander
②Coriander crushing. Cut the material into small pieces
③Coriander sauce grinder, grind the coriander into a paste
④Heating and concentration: put the juice in the jacketed pot and heat it. In this process, we can add any additives we want: garlic, ginger, sugar, etc. During the concentration process, keep stirring to avoid burning
⑤ coriander paste filling: The produced coriander sauce is filled into the bottle
PS: The processing technology can be customized according to customer needs

coriander sauce machine

Technical Data
Coriander chutney
Processing line
Machine Name 
1 Bubble Washing Machine 
2 Sorting Belt 
3 Crushing Machine 
4 Force Feeder Pump 
5 Paste Grinding Machine
6 Storage Tank 
7 Screw Pump 
8 Mixing Tank
9 Screw Pump 
10 Bottle Sorting Table 
11 Paste Flling Machine
12 Capping Machine

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