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chili sauce production line
The complete chili sauce production line includes: Fresh chili→ hoist → picking belt → bubbling and floating washing machine → drum washing machine → vibrating draining→hoist →  crusher → feeding pump → preheater →  beater machine → mixing tank → Screw pump→casing type sterilizer→single head vat aseptic filling machine
chili sauce production line

The chili sauce production line adopts four stages of preheating, sterilization, precooling and cooling, and sprays and sterilizes the items from top to bottom. The sterilization temperature of different products is different. The temperature of the equipment can be arbitrarily set, automatically controlled, and maintained. Constant temperature, automatic recording; forced drive, shorten the sterilization time, make the internal temperature uniform, and ensure the sterilization quality.
Chili sauce production line equipment is used for meat processing, production of mushroom sauce, instant noodle sauce package, hot pot base, chili sauce, filling processing, sugar refining and chemical and pharmaceutical heating fields; our company can provide customized services, you can contact us
More chili sauce processing machine details :
1.Air bubble washing drying machine :clean the pepper and will convey into grinding machine
2.Storage tank  :with pump  Storage tank volume:100L
3.Cooking pot with mixing function :Boiling the grinded paste,dry the water,sterilize the paste,can prolong the storage life.
4.Empty Bottle Unscramble machine :Hold the empty bottle and convey to the filling step
5.Automatic filling machine :Filling the pepper sauce into bottle.
Our machines can be customized according to clients' requirement. And they have advantages of simple structure, easy operation, saving energy and high production efficiency.

Main featural about the chili sauce making machine line 
1) All the machines are made of SUS 304, optional.
2) Finally Packaging: usually, filled with aseptic bag in drum or aseptic bag in box. and then packed with small packaging. such as: plastic bottle, glass bottle, can, jar, tetra pack etc.
3) The chili sauce production line is also suitable for processing the fruits that share the similar characteristics.
4) The pepper sauce production line process fully automatic control to save labor and faciliate production management.
chili processing machine
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